Founding Software Engineer


We are building an AI assistant that saves consumers time and money on medical bills, health insurance and benefits, and healthcare.

Medical bills are a massive problem. They are confusing, over 40% contain errors, 17% of claims are denied by insurance, and often represent very large sums of money. As a result, 100 million Americans are saddled with medical debt, and medical bills cause nearly 70% of personal bankruptcies in the US.

Dealing with unexpectedly high medical bills is time-consuming, complex, and stressful. Stuck between their providers, payers, and bill collectors, consumers too frequently have to make numerous phone calls, wait on hold, and even send paper letters and faxes. Appealing insurance denials, resolving billing errors, negotiating bills, and filing out of network claims require expert knowledge that most consumers don't have.

Thanks to AI and new healthcare regulations around data access and price transparency, we can now automate this soul-crushing work and empower consumers to fight back against this broken system. Beyond medical bills, we help people through their entire healthcare journey as they pick their health insurance plans and benefits, or look for care that fits their budget.


MedBill AI is founded by 2 Oscar Health veterans, the first health insurance company built around a full stack technology platform and a relentless focus on serving its members. We joined Oscar pre-product, stayed through the IPO and helped it grow to over 1M members. We've worked across Oscar's entire stack and led many key projects, including its in-house telemedicine platform and claim system, positioning us uniquely to take on MedBill AI. We're proud of how Oscar raised the bar for what people should expect from their health insurance, and we’re excited to have an even larger impact with MedBill AI by taking the side of consumers unequivocally, regardless of their health insurance.

We’re lucky to be backed by the founders and investors at Hugging Face, Oscar Health, TrueBill, CaseText, Forerunner Ventures, Red Sea Ventures, RRE Ventures, and much more. We are well-funded for the next few years.


At a high level, our assistant analyzes medical bills, identifies potential issues such as errors or undue denials, and helps resolve them. It can send emails, faxes, and letters and also act as a voice co-pilot during phone calls with relevant stakeholders. Additionally, our assistant can accomplish various admin tasks on the web on users’ behalf.

A lot needs to happen under the hood to make all of this possible:

  • We need to fetch, process, and analyze billing and clinical information from various sources.

  • We have to interact with humans through dynamic forms and AI across a variety of mediums (voice, text, documents) and platforms (web, ios, android, phone, faxes).

  • We have to define and orchestrate many multi-step workflows that can support rich human-in-the-loop interactions.

  • We need to make recommendations and predictions in realtime using complex decision trees maintained in partnership with our clinical and legal teams.

  • And more!

We’ve made a few key foundational technology choices to keep our team hyper-productive as we add all that complex business logic and push the limits of what can be done with LLMs:

  • A monorepo with TypeScript for everything (mobile + web, back-end, infrastructure as code, build tools) to make it easy to contribute across the stack and write type-safe and highly concurrent code.

  • A shared front-end codebase for iOS, Android, and Web using React-Native + Web / Tamagui to keep UI logic as DRY as possible while keeping 60fps animations on all platforms.

  • EdgeDB as our main PostGres DB, which exposes a much nicer syntax than SQL, a type-safe ORM in all languages, and an out-of-the-box GraphQL server that is highly performant and secure.

  • A unified data GraphQL server that aggregates seamlessly all our data sources, making it trivial to query and update typed data across our stack (e.g. EdgeDB, MedPlum EHR, Temporal…), and keeping boilerplate code to a minimum.

  • All our infrastructure is managed with Docker and Pulumi and deployed on AWS to keep everything secure and auditable.

  • All our jobs are orchestrated with Temporal which dramatically simplify how building and operating reliable distributed workflows, including our long-running business processes with human-in-the-loop steps.

  • And more!

About the role

  • Be a founding member of our growing team!

  • Collaborate with the rest of our tech team and CEO to define our roadmap as we iterate on our private beta and officially launch next year.

  • Lead exciting technical projects from beginning to end - writing out design docs, full-stack programming, and owning feature launches.

About you

  • 4+ years experience of software engineering for front-end candidates and 6+ years for backend or full-stack candidates.

  • Know how to operate independently when dealing with ambiguous problems.

  • Are pragmatic and can see the bigger picture.

  • Have a hacker mentality and are excited to be working on cutting edge problems.

  • Are excited to be a part of our mission! We’re pumped about what we’re working towards, and we want you to be, too.

  • Plus - Have experience working with healthcare data, complex integrations, or AI-powered workflows.

P.S. This is a list of ideal qualifications for this position. If you don't meet every single one of them, you should still consider applying!

How to apply

If the above piques your interest, and you’re into working in a demanding environment with high ownership, wide scope, and big impact, we want to hear from you.

To apply, email us directly at Please include the role in the subject line; in the body of the email, please include links to help us learn more about you and your work (LinkedIn, resume, Github, personal website, etc.).